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Old SysAdmin stuff saved for posterity's sake

Audit assistance software / Spyware
project rautor Δωρεάν πρόγραμμα καταγραφης της χρησης του υπολογιστή.
Windows Desktop screen irecording utility, or zero budget SOX/PCI-DSS compliance software aid. Peridically Saves the user's screen and at a later time the security administrator can use my rautor player to review / audit the session.
openssh-4.7p1-logging.diff Hack against openssh-4.7p1 to save all ssh transactions to typescript like files. Original hack from Koen De Vleeschwuuer of kdvelectronics.eu. My hack is prettier :-). Make ssh will fail , so first make the full project before applying the patch.
Project coliau Δωρεάν πρόγραμμα εξ'αποστάσεως εποπτείας του υπολογιστή

Open source Win32 Console/screen auditing aid. Run it on a PC, and then you can monitor its main display with just a remote web browser. Use a url like http://Monitored.PCs.IP:44000/monitor

Note: European communications law demands that the user whose screen is being monitored must be notified of the process, accordingly my software displays a big red dot on the user's SysTray to notify him/her of that.

Email Systems Software
LdapVfrom-milter A milter to verify/validate Sender addresses against an LDAP server
Postfix Virtual with LDAP My implementation of the perfect email server based on the Postifix LDAP drive Virtual mailboxes. A sample from the main.cf the modified qmail schema I used and the ldap lookup files. By using the MailTransport Ldap entry one can have a zero maintenance completely dynamic email server. And I like maildrop for filters and soft quota management.
Postmaster Admin A virtual domain postmaster's admin module written in PHP by John Belekios
OpenLdap Acls A slew of slapd's acls to permit anonymous bind from the MX server, and postmaster@domain control for the subtree that belogns to him. When the postmaster binds to the Ldap Server (s)he can see only his/her domain's emails and entries.
Mail account creator A two step commit implementation. This script lists all new accounts, applies quotas and reset's the account status to "active" when all is well.
email to oracle DB insertion An ancient program to be used for entering the subject of an email message into an oracle DB
Black/White and Q A qmail local delivery program that can enforce user defined black and white lists as well as apply quota management
Vpopmail to Ldap Convert VpopMail Databases to my LDAP schema.
Find (IN)Active email accounts This is a dynamic optin mechanism for sqlgrey, any account not used for 33 days gets inserted into sqlgrey's optin table. Great for reducing SPAM, and keeping active users happy.
exim2zimbra.bash Migrate exim's virtual settings to zimbra

Java Stuff
Asterisk listener A java swing desktop application that connects to an Asterisk's Manager port and splits the real time event log to a few columns. Copy Paste of the contents is available.
RidOvJavaMailer A riciculously oversimplified smtp client (mail sender) written in Java. This is my first attempt at writing Java code after a twenty year abstinence from the language. I now consider it a viable alternative to PERL :-)

Web Applications , Mass Scanners and Miscellanea
Engine::Threaded A Threaded engine for Philippe Bruhat's HTTP::Proxy. Rocks under Windows(tm)
search.tgz An ancient very simple yet fast search engine for websites. Written in Perl
A very old but extremely powerfull web survey creator, fully programmable. Wish I had AJAX at the time. Too many features to list, input is a slightly enhanced html file , and it generates sequential surveys on the fly
resolv.pl Relatively Intelligent Apache LOg REsolver (RIALORE TM)
maildog-101.tgz Fresh version A web based email client for IMAP servers written in PHP. Warning this is a pre-alpha version. Here are the instructions. And then the folks at horde went and created IMP.
expires.pl Perl script to tabularly show user expiration dates from the /etc/shadow file. It also flags the ones expired. Must be able to read the shadow file
sendsms Universal GSM / SMS gateway. Works on Falcom Hardware, based on Kiss Gabor's stuff. FULL GREEK SUPPORT
webdump A C program to dump web pages from remote systems. Old school project
saveresults.c A CGI framework to give PERL like functionality to C programs. This is the actual working code from the surveys package.
Redir.c a C based Squid Redirector with regular expressions. Eat your heart out SQUIRM, did you exist back then ?
MySizes Display the sizes of all BDs in a mysql server somewhat inellegantly.
Firefox on X Console Files needed to setup firefox on your X console during boot.
iotop.pl Pauper's IOTOP for relatively new linux kernels.No new libraries required!
signed Urls Generate signed URLs from PHP and have them verified by a SQUID CDN server

Universal Unix application to Windows ODBC bridge, (TCP Sockect Server for ODBC)
o2m A perl based Telnet to windows ODBC server / bridge.
(ODBC Socket server - Linux ODBC Universal Client/Server)
client.pl o2m client written in perl
Contact me for any finnicky integration troubles you might have. Any Data to Any Application (ADAA) is possible

Asterisk hacks and VOIP code
Least Cost Routing Engine A DB based Least Cost Routing engine with fallback
AGI Dial Plan A dial plan within an AGI using the aboce LCR engine
It has a syntactic bug in it, fix it or pay for the fix !
RTP MOS score calculator A little patch to pjsip's siprtpreport.c code to display each conversation's MOS score
In other words one can cruft Live Quality Metrics with FLOSS tools
Asterisk Patch for dns.c SRV dns lookups are badly broken for asterisk, this patch fixes the dns_parse routine for version 1.4.28 and returns ALL SRV entries to the SIP channels

Radius stuff
php radacct A php based mysql accounting system for FreeRadius still pre-beta beta testing needed
php radius management Some usefull PHP scripts to manage a freeradius server and users
tabstats A nasty perl script that takes the output of radiusreport and creates a tabular per realm list of sessions. Favorite of the management to import it into excel. Warning the script contains nasty code that converts dots to commas since the comma is the decimal separator for Greece.

White Papers
Computer Security White Paper A few thoughts about computer and data security I wrote a few years back !(Incomplete)
Ασφαλεια Συστηματων Καποιες σκεψεις για την ασφαλεια συστηματων που εγραψα το 1998 !. (Ελλειπες)
Firewall Design White Paper A white paper on a different view of what firewalls should be expected to do
Xray Design White Paper A white paper on the methodology of optimizing Internet applications
Τεχνική ανάλυση για τη βελτιστοποίηση εφαρμογών internet, και μελέτη των στατιστικών με το πακέτο Xray Κείμενο που παρουσιάστηκε στο HELLUG INSTALLFEST 2001 στο ΤΕΙ του ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑ, μέ γραφήματα

GTLDs Statistics, derived with Xray
Statistics for the Following Global Top Level Domains availlable as of 2001. Hosts, servers, software, etc.
Masscrawler A variation based on webdump to Massively scan hosts. This is the core engine of the GTLD statistics package. You give it a file with the hosts in it, sample provided, and it returns IPs and servers. very ligthweight , you can run multiple instances of it in parallel.
The package responsible for the .GR , .PL and .TO GTLDs statistics; free for all. Here is the readme file for the project. I think that I will start offering this service to all the registrars who care for it.
Xraymon Script to monitor the process of the Xray scan Sample
Fast Masscrawler The above Masscrawler with IP caching using hash tables
DNS response Timer A simple timer of dns responses with sanity check and an SLA in mind.

Software for firewalls
snortlog2.pl Log analyzer new version with faster DNS lookups. Now separates portscans from the rest of the crud
snortlog3.pl SnortLog for snort v1.8 log format ( nicer hack )
packetlog.pl Packet analyzer for IPCHAINS based firewalls
packetchart.pl Generates bar charts from IPCHAINS logs. Usefull as a quick overview of a long log.
badpackets.sh Usefull script for your crontab file
Snortplot.pl 3-D graphical Representation of Attack Signatures logged by snort fot v1.8 logs
Updated Oct 25 2001 it now takes snortlog's output to plot the data. Sample Plots
whogoes.pl A hack based on Lincoln Stein's work (Thanks man), to view live the web requests on your net. The proggy looks for X-Forwarded-For headers and shows the culprits behind proxieas. Here is a logfile
trafshow3.0a3+rvnamed trafshow patched to work with rvnamed for asynchronous dns lookups
ciscolog.pl Snortlog like tool for analysing CISCO generated syslog entries from access-lists. Very useful for port 139 issues :-)
packetplot.pl A 3-dimensional plotting engine for ipchains logs. Requires Gnuplot. Sample Plot
popSSL Universal SSL wrapper for all POP-3 mail readers. Your server must support SPOP3. Windows* (yeeech) source also available !
firesoft All of the above in a tar file

packets-iface.pl a CGI version of packetchart. Contributed by Gleicon S. Moraes gleicon at engebras.com
snortlog-fab.pl From Fabrizio Zeno Cornelli zeno at filibusta.crema.unimi.it
What I'd like to have is a tool that tells me the real important things, a net monitor that daily sends me a SHORT mail. So I've added a section that allows people to strip out the lines not interesting for a fast read.
toptraffic.pl A cisco netflow collector log analyzer by George Pallas. Stats provided: hosts that create a lot of flows ( i.e. are infected), hosts that have a lot of traffic on port 20 etc.

Historic Section , Nostalgia of Youth
Source file for ISO 8859-7 locale for BSDI and probably all BSD derived systems, to be used with mklocale, and Greek font for the Console.
vgagreek DOS Greek keyboard driver in X86 Assembler :-)
Simtel rules Dudes ! Also check out Sivann's Software page
hergreek Greek character support system for Hercules. It needs H43MEU10.ZIP to work, and it offers EGA emulation functionality for text modes only. It is rather a hack than a full product, for people desperate enough to use it. :-) 1993
backprop.zip A back propagation Neural Network that reads numbers from their dot matrix representation. It even filters out noise ! Source in Turbo Pascal
soltop.c kstats viewing tool for Solaris boxes. Old code I presumed lost and found on GOOGLE.
Back in the iron age we had to write our own tools you kids :-)
Linux Greek A very old announcement about Greek on Linux
Sendmail Antispam Antediluvian attempt to stop spammers
INsurance Mng. Sys. A Car Insurance package written in Foxpro for windows.
Dos code also availlable

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